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Its My Birthday! the demolition of the Gunners Liverpool
Posted by: goblin - Yesterday 10:16 AM - No Replies

Gerrard sprayed the ball with his mastery of the retention function as it was in the middle of everything, but the quartet Sterling, Suarez, Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho Arsenal broke apart, as the duo of Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker is cumbersome exposed again as due to his lack of speed on the turn. Here are three things we learned from the demolition of the FIFA Coins Gunners Liverpool, as the other side ran around like loose cannons in Saturday.High game press called high expectations for the rest of the season at Anfield. With Liverpool still only six points off the lead, and Manchester City and Chelsea to play at home, you can ultimate team Brendan Rodgers came out of nowhere to the PL title PALACE, FULHAM win .? Delicate chip transfer period WONDERSHoltby first goal Sidwell Fulham showed in the 2 2 at Old Trafford as the young German is capable of. Driving their careers and artistic fabric of the ball to see it to stand out from the crowd. But often in the Spurs had no moments of dust, but already looks like the most important man in a Fulham shirt and was driving the townspeople. The German international link with new $ 18 million Kostas Mitroglou poacher, expect him to make on Wednesday, as the Lilly Whites fans licking his debut for Fulham against Liverpool their lips.

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  Gaji Pegawai PT. KAI
Posted by: BB 30501 - Yesterday 09:15 AM - Replies (7)

Halo guys, sory ane bikin trid baru, ane cari di search gak ketemu
kalo ternyata melanggar etika ato gak berkenan dihapus saja gapapa

ane kemarin lolos interview KAI oleh Rectra consulting di bagian ticketing, tapi karena ane S1 jadi disaranin nglamar ke CSOS (Customer Service on Station), ane sebenernya ambil ticketing buat cari aman aja. Ane tinggal wawancara terakhir dengan PT. KAI Daop 8 Jum'at besok. Pertanyaan ane, gaji Pegawai Ticketing dan CSOS gedean mana.??dan sekitar berapa ya.??gajinya untuk penempatan di daop 8 & daop 9

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  KA [New] Jayabaya (ML-SGU-SBI-SM-PSE)
Posted by: wahyu_4604_pjl64 - 13-Oct-2014 14:37 PM - Replies (194)

Kabar gembira untuk kita semua New_ngiler
Kulit manggis kini ada ekstraknya New_ngakakNew_ngakakNew_ngakak

eh salah,

mau ada KA baru nih Lintas ML-SGU-SBI-PSE PP yang mau diresmikan tanggal 18 oktober nanti, denger-denger sih namanya KA Jayabaya, denger juga untuk tarif Batas atasnya 400.000 ruviah , New_heran

untuk kelasnya sepertinyaa , K3-AC seperti Majapahit ,
tapi yaa ditunggu saja realisasinya tanggal 18 Oktober nanti
untuk jadwal ane belom tau, tapi itu lah agenda barunya bulan ini New_xiexie

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  Mr. Bell his way to Real Madrid this summer transfer window
Posted by: goblin - 07-Oct-2014 09:07 AM - No Replies

Gareth Welshman Gareth Bale Bale FIFA the most famous in the world, who shot only 86M pounds can be seen to be transferred to Real Madrid in the celebration of the popular heart in FIFA , especially those in the all time record for Spurs and Wales, but it certainly will make it more in competition with club.To his new team to perform this procedure, but the push in the direction right than a decade after that Ronaldo scored Xbox.Cristiano calm Cristiano Ronaldo resting celebration this request to be included in the game of football for a long time and finally after a long time to wait for the other party. Now has the former Manchester United winger has made competition in the cast with Mr. Bell his way to Real Madrid this summer transfer window. Soothing celebration of walking, but keep LB and tap, and then double Y Xbox.Clint flop Dempsey Clint Dempsey abdomen Celebrationnow flop belly of this FIFA 14 Coins came mainly from the famous video EA recently presented an overview of the celebrations for this could be the year has seen a lot and Clint Dempsey on the performance of the company This step. To do so in the game, you will need to LB to hold a spot on the list and X version.Daniel Sturridge Xbox ride the wave Daniel Sturridge driving WaveThe number should be in the riding world famous celebration of Liverpool striker wave Daniel Sturridge leads in all time record. He, s split earlier this campaign season, the Premier League, and currently top scorer in the toughest league in the world, as well as Liverpool currently the top of the stack. To perform this procedure in itself, but hold LB and press Y. began early access to most continents, today, and we wanted to last for players to download quickly and easily with the minimum of fuss to make.

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  adding t fort instead of getting rid of the money
Posted by: goblin - 07-Oct-2014 08:57 AM - No Replies

PlaymakerTo player gets playmaker of their own, has a short pass 86 and 86 and see a long corridor to get to 73 this is a crucial part of the path to reach the position of midfielder to complete tag.CrosserAny can get this wonderful opportunity, but show statistics that there is a need to transfer stabbed 86 and curve 80.AcrobatThere is actually two different ways you can get Acrobat your, you can get statistics and players maneuver and 860 are not going well in this series, or because they are landing in fourth place in the the first week, but the fact that Konami had received, adding t fort instead of getting rid of the money helped cycle all.Here, s complete list of the bottom ten FIFA Grand 5Minecraft Theft Auto Xbox 360 EditionPro past Evolution Soccer 0 The UsDisney Infiniti Splinter Cell Blacklist line saints IVDiablo 3 console versions Game Rayman Legends. FeatureWe rematches and I just wanted to get a job which is dedicated to some of the features in FIFA to make and some of the questions that the audience may have been developed. Us via our FIFA 14 Coins administrator Twitter first problem is with the function of the resumption of the match, which caused a large number of players when the grief and reconnect to re option.FIFA match GlitchMany use I said just stopped and your console PC and any ever even if you're not going to download once other. Others said this was fine until the ball is out of play on the wing, and I went to the game to pause, simply because they are just beginning to freeze. It was another case in the selection of groups and or after the game finished.

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  Tips dan Tata Cara Sholat di Dalam KA
Posted by: zae abjal - 04-Oct-2014 13:12 PM - Replies (11)

Selamat siang mas, bro, agan dan semuanya tanpa terkecuali..

Maaf buat om momod sya buat trit ini, karna sya merasa walau pun yg akan sya bahas kali ini sudah masuk ranah agama dan personal, tpi penting jga untuk diketengahkan karna mayoritas pengguna KA pasti beragama Islam dan pasti mengharuskan kewajiban ini..

Untuk itu izinkan sya mengupas tentang tata cara sholat di dalam perjalanan KA plus tips2nya.. Dan mungkin selanjutnya, informasi sya ini bisa anda jadikan refrensi ketika anda sedang atau akan melakukan perjalanan KA.. dan tips sya ini, akan sya buat menjadi 3 bagian..

A. Sebelum melakukan perjalanan

berikut langkah2 yg anda harus perhatikan, sebelum anda memutuskan akan sholat di mana di perjalanan yg sudah/akan anda rencanakan:

1. Sebelum memutuskan akan mau naik KA apa, ada baiknya dilihat dulu jadwalnya seperti apa

2. Jika jam keberangkatan atau lama perjalanan akan memakan banyak waktu sholat dan kebetulan anda merasa direpotkan dngn itu, lebih baik anda pilih jadwal yg waktu sholatnya agak panjang atau tidak banyak makan waktu sholat..contoh misalnya lepas isya..untuk sementara, jadwal jakarta-yogya/semarang yg non komersil sangat layak direkomendasikan..semetara untuk jakarta-surabaya, cuma ABA 4 yg bisa diharapkan di point ini

3. Jika memungkinkan, sholatlah dulu di stasiun atau sebelum naik KA dngn asumsi jam keberangkatan tlah masuk waktu sholat..contoh umpamanya begini:
waktu ashar saat ini jam 3 sore kurang..jika anda hendak naik KA matarmaja di PSE yg kebetulan jadwalnya jam 15:15, gak ada salahnya anda sholat ashar dulu di mushola PSE..kalau saran sya sih, mending sholat dulu stasiun bro dngn pertimbangan biar nanti di perjalanan agak tenang

4. Jika jadwal KA anda berangkatnya pagi dan tiba di tujuan sekitar siang/sore hari, anda bisa memilih opsi sholatnya nanti pas di stasiun tujuan saja

5. Tapi jika sebaliknya, berangkat malam dan sampai tujuan dini hari atau sebelum subuh, sebaiknya anda sholat sebelum naik KA atau pas di perjalanan saja..karna kalau mengharapkan sholat di stasiun tujuan, itu kadang tempat sholatnya suka ditutup kalau sudah jam segitu dan akan dibuka kembali pas mau bedug shubuh (yg ini realita, banyak yg ngeluh soal ini)

6. Batas bisa mengerjakan sholat jamak qoshor adalah sudah lewat desa/kampung dri tempat anda tinggal (biar lebih afdhal, kita "bulat"kan jadi kota)..misal: anda rumah di depok/bogor/bekasi, rencana mau naik kertajaya di PSE yg berangkat jam 14:10..nah kalau anda ba'da dzuhur sudah stand bye di PSE, anda sudah boleh melakukan sholat jama qoshor dzuhur & ashar sekaligus dlm satu waktu

B. Selama di perjalanan

jika memungkinkan anda harus sholat di dalam perjalanan, berikut hal2 yg harus anda perhatikan:

1. Jika tak ada tempat/ruang untuk sholat di KA yg anda naiki, sholatlah anda sambil duduk di tempat duduk (TD) anda

2. Jika di toilet gerbong anda tak ada air (buat wudhunya), anda bisa bertayamum atau pergi ke toilet gerbong lain

3. (only di all K3) karna space yg sempit, membuat kita sering kontak fisik dngn penumpang lain saat kita bergerak atau beraktifitas di dalam KA..untuk itu, jika anda mau sholat di dalam KA, maka izinlah/permisi dulu ke penumpang sebelah atau depan TD agan..kalau untuk K1 atau K2, cukup ke penumpang yg sebelah anda saja..izin ini perlu karna khawatirnya ketika anda sholat dan kebetulan penumpang sebelah atau depan TD anda itu lawan jenis dan bukan mahram, bagian tubuh anda bisa tersentuh oleh orang tsb dan sholat anda bisa batal seketika kalau terjadi kontak fisik langsung..selain itu, izinnya kita ini jga supaya mereka nantinya menghormati keadaan kita

4. Jika anda merasa diri anda dalam keadaan tak cukup syarat untuk menunaikan sholat di dalam KA, tapi di sisi lain anda ogah meninggalkan kewajiban, nah anda bisa sholat lihurmatil waktu..sholat ini sejatinya tujuannya adalah cuma untuk menggugurkan kewajiban, di saat waktu sudah berkumandang..untuk penjelasan lebih detailnya, nanti menyusul

5. Selama di perjalanan, anda tetap bisa melakukan sholat jama qoshor dalam satu waktu sekaligus

C. Setelah sampai tujuan

nah kalau ini, kemungkinan yg anda harus perhatikan di setelah anda melakukan perjalanan tsb:

1. Jika anda suka merasa cape, lelah dan atau "jetlag" pas turun dri KA atau setelah smpai di tempat tujuan, ada baiknya anda jangan melakukan opsi yg poin A3

2. (khusus perjalanan pulang/balik) jika sebelum dan selama perjalanan KA anda belum menunaikan sholat, sholatlah anda di stasiun tujuan..jangan kewajiban sholat anda ditunaikan di rumah anda.. tapi point ini, khusus buat anda yg punya niat sholat jama takhir..karna niat sholat jamak takhir, sejatinya tdk boleh dibawa ke rumah

3. Sedang buat yg tdk punya niat sholat itu, terserah mau melakukan sholat di mana saja jika memang belum sholat..tapi point teratas di bagian ini (C1), patut anda pertimbangkan jga..

Itulah tips dan tata cara sholat di dalam KA versi sya.. semoga bermanfaat.. New_bye

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