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Full Version: Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway
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Mass Transit Railway (MTR) adalah sistem transportasi berbasis rel di Hong Kong (seperti KRL Commuter Line di Jabodetabek). Sistem ini memiliki 86 stasiun heavy rail dan 68 stasiun light rail (total 154 stasiun) MTR memiiki 10 jalur heavy rail dan 12 jalur light rail, dengan panjang sistem 174,7 km untuk heavy rail dan 36,2 km untuk light rail. MTR pertama kali beroperasi pada bulan September 1979, antara stasiun Shek Kip Mei dan Kwun Tong di jalur Kwun Tong Line. Kebanyakan jalur MTR berada di bawah tanah dan elevated.

1. Jalur-jalur
- Kwun Tong Line
- Tsuen Wan Line
- Tung Chung Line
- Disneyland Resort Line
- Airport Express
- Island Line
- Tseung Kwan O Line
- Ma On Shan Line*
- East Rail Line*
- West Rail Line*
*Jalur-jalur ini baru menjadi milik MTR pada tahun 2007. Sebelumnya, jalur ini dioperasikan oleh Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR). Bahkan, East Rail Line dan West Rail Line telah ada sejak tahun 1910, jauh sebelum pembukaan sistem MTR untuk pertama kalinya. Jalur Ma On Shan Line selesai pada tahun 2004.

2. Sistem Pembayaran
MTR menggunakan sistem pembayaran elektronik, seperti di KRL Commuter Line. Pembayaran dilakukan dengan menggunakan Octopus Card (seperti Kartu Multi Trip KRL). Tiket sekali perjalanan seperti Kartu Single Trip KRL juga dapat dibeli dan digunakan. Pembelian kartu sekali perjalanan dapat dilakukan di mesin-mesin tiket yang tersedia di stasiun.

3. Lebar sepur
Lebar sepur sistem MTR adalah 1.432 mm. Namun, khusus untuk jalur Ma On Shan Line, East Rail Line, West Rail Line, dan Light Rail, lebar sepur yang digunakan adalah 1.435 mm.

4. Rolling stock
Untuk jalur heavy rail, 6 jenis KRL (electric multiple units/EMU) digunakan, yaitu Metro Cammell (AC), Rotem, CNR, SP1900, Adtranz-CAF, dan Metro Cammell (DC) (foto dapat dilihat di galeri).

5. Galeri foto

Peta sistem MTR

Suasana peron di stasiun Tsim Sha Tsui (Tsuen Wan Line)

Suasana concourse stasiun Tsim Sha Tsui (Tsuen Wan Line)

Salah satu pintu masuk stasiun Tsim Sha Tsui (Tsuen Wan Line)

Metro Cammell EMU

Rotem EMU


Adtranz-CAF EMU

SP1900 EMU

Terima kasih, dan mohon maaf jika ada kesalahan informasiTersenyuum
Huuhuuu sayang wkt ke sana cuma pantengin doank dr kejauhan... Sad Sedih krn wkt itu msh SMP....
Ada insiden serangan teroris di subwaynya :

At least 17 hurt in fire at busy Hong Kong subway station
Reuters10 February 2017
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Police arrested a man over a suspected arson attack on Friday after fire broke out inside a train at 1 of Hong Kong's busiest subway stations during rush hour, injuring at least 17 people, including 2 who are in a critical condition. A 60-year-old man surnamed Cheung who was seriously injured in the incident, admitted he started the fire while the train was headed to the busy Tsim Sha Tsui shopping district, dis-trict Police Commander Kwok Pakchung told reporters. "While he was on the way to the hospital he mentioned some per-sonal reasons, but he was incoherent. What he said did not make much sense,"Kwok said. He said there was so far no information to suggest the incident could be described as an act of terrorism. The Counter Terrorism Response Unit which was patrolling nearby at the time of the incident was at the scene quickly to assist, he said.

Online media footage which Reuters could not independently verify showed people beating out the flames on a man's legs as he lay on the platform. Kwok told reporters the man whose trousers appeared to be comple – tely burned, was likely to be Cheung. Another video showed flames burning several items scattered inside the train. It then showed a crowd on the platform who appeared calm as they pointed their phones at the fire. A fire alarm sounded in the station and a man could be heard shouting: "Let's go, let's go, let's go."

2 passengers in the underground train as it crossed the Victoria Harbour told Reuters they saw a lot of smoke. "Suddenly a lot of thick white smoke swarmed over us. People started covering their noses and mouths. But people were calm. Nobody screamed,"said passenger Nigel Ngai, 30. He added that the smoke smelled like burned plastic. "I didn't know if it was a terrorist attack,"he said. Another passenger, 28-year-old Ms. Chau, said the experience was "a little scary" but people exited the train calmly. "There were many people and it was impos - sible to run,"she said.

Hong Kong leader Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, said in a statement he was "highly concerned" about the incident and has asked the relevant departments to investigate.
(Reporting by Venus Wu; Editing by Janet Lawrence)

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